Agricamping GREEN CAMP BRIDGE internal regulations

This regulation is brought to the attention of customers upon arrival and is posted outside the reception. The act of entering the agriagricampeggio is unreservedly accepted by the customer.

Regulations downloadable in PDF format here:

Art. 1 – Booking cancellation policy

– up to 10 days before: cancellation is free – no cost will be charged
– up to 4 days before: 50% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged on the credit card used for the reservation.
– within 3 days before: 100% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged to the credit card used for the reservation.
The amount will be charged automatically within 30 days following the period of stay.
If the credit card is not working, a specific link will be sent for payment with another card by STRIPE, or by bank transfer; you will also be notified of the procedure in progress or procedure concluded.

Art. 2 – Payment of the stay

It is possible to pay for the stay in advance on our website, by credit card or with PayPal.
If the payment is not in advance, the balance of the reservation takes place on the day of arrival at the structure during check-in, or at the discretion of the Management a few days later for long stays.
In the structure it is possible to pay by credit card, or in cash up to € 1,999.00 (in compliance with Italian laws). Credit Cards Accepted: Pagobancomat, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro.
We do not accept checks.
A deposit is not required, except for long stays, for which it can be requested at the discretion of the Management.

Art. 3 – Access to the Agricamping

Authorization from the Management is required for entry to the camping site.
Upon arrival, each person must deliver to the reception, during the opening hours, an identity document valid for the registrations required by law (non-compliance constitutes a violation of the rules of the criminal code), this task should not be done if the documents were sent when booking online.
Entry to minors unaccompanied by an adult who is legally responsible for them is not permitted.
The access and presence of unauthorized persons in the camping site involves the violation of the Public Safety Regulations, art. 614 CP (violation of domicile), of art. 633 CP (invasion of land and buildings), art. 624 CP (theft of services) and the crime of contractual fraud.
Access and exit from the camping site is allowed only through the appropriate entrances, it is strictly forbidden to climb over the perimeter fences of the camping site.

Art. 4 – Times of entry and departure

CHECK IN: entry after 17.00 on the day of arrival
CHECK OUT: exit by 16.00 on the day of departure

The reserved pitches can be occupied starting from 17:00.
If the departure does not take place within the prescribed daily deadline (before 16:00), the Customer will be required to pay for the stay also on the day of departure.
If necessary, to allow the check-out procedures, after this time, the Management of the Camping can authorize free parking in the adjacent parking. Those arriving before this time can stop in the parking lot located inside the Agricamping.

Art. 5 – Minimum and maximum stay

The minimum stay in the camping site is 1 night (with the exception of 2-night weekends) and a maximum of 21 consecutive nights.

Art. 6 – Limits for crews per pitch

It is not allowed to accommodate more than one crew for each pitch.
A maximum of 04 adults, 04 children under the age of 14, 01 vehicle are allowed on each pitch.

Art. 7 – Animals

Dogs and other pets are allowed in the Agricamping, with a maximum of 3 animals per pitch, provided they are accompanied by vaccination documents and a copy of the health certificate.
Dogs must be kept on a leash (maximum length 1.50 m) and with a muzzle.
The owners are responsible for the care, cleaning and immediate removal of the physiological needs of their animals both in the lay-by and in the whole area of ​​the Agricamping; make sure that they do not disturb the other guests of the Agricamping.
Cats and other pets cannot be left free outside the pitches, it is not allowed to leave pets alone inside the pitches.

Art. 8 – Choice and use of pitches

Pitches are assigned by online booking based on availability at the time; are mandatory, unauthorized movements are prohibited. For campers and mobile homes longer than 8 meters, the management reserves the right to decide the most suitable pitch.
In the event of justified business needs, it may be necessary to move the housing vehicles to another pitch, or even the entire crew with their own housing.
All equipment must be neatly arranged within the boundaries of the pitch.
Vehicles must be parked occupying as much space as possible on the assigned pitch.
The installation of ancillary structures to the main one is prohibited unless authorized by the management.
It is forbidden to install any structure and accessory using the plants and hedges of the agriagricampeggio.

Art. 9 – Quiet and silence

Behavior, activities, games and the use of equipment that disturb
the guests of the Agricamping must be avoided at any time.
In particular, silence must be respected from 13:30 to 15:00 and from 22:30 to 7:30. Even during the hours of silence,
vehicles can pass through the Agricamping area maintaining a walking pace.

Art. 10 – Children

Adults are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children, whose liveliness, education and needs cannot be at the expense of the peace, safety and hygiene of the other guests.
– It is forbidden to run on the entire surface of the Agricamping and to hang or climb on any element such as wooden fences, trees, signs, street lamps and parts of the structure of the Services Building, etc ..
– It is forbidden to walk barefoot.
– In the toilets, children must be accompanied by their parents.

Please also note that children under the age of 5 stay free.

Art. 11 – Connections and electricity

The electrical connection to the outlets of the columns, must be authorized by the Management, and must have the safety characteristics defined by law as: N1VVK connection cable (blue flame retardant) of sect. minimum 3 × 1.5 mm. without junctions, external lamps cannot be installed except with IP65 protection degree, and all uses must have an earth connection. The Management declines all responsibility for connections with faulty cables or equipment.

The electricity is distributed with a maximum intensity of 6 Amp.
It is absolutely forbidden to tamper with the electrical systems in any way.

The electricity available at the column guarantees a withdrawal of up to six amperes (example: a lamp for lighting, a television, a refrigerator at the same time). Therefore, the use of electrical appliances with higher absorption should be avoided, such as: stoves, irons, stoves, fans, hair dryers, etc. Any abuse can give rise to even permanent interruptions. The person responsible is subject to compensation for any damages;

Art. 12 – Protective tarpaulins, gazebos, awnings

It is allowed to install, with the prior authorization of the Management, protective tarpaulins which must be in self-extinguishing or preferably fireproof material and must in any case:

– They can only be placed inside their own pitch ;
– They must be equipped only with a roof and not with vertical closed walls,
in order to allow all customers behind to maintain a view of the lake;
– Not to be hooked to plants;
– Do not have dimensions exceeding those of the caravan and veranda;
– Do not use load-bearing frames with excessive impact;
– Be in color in harmony with the environmental ones (green) and aesthetically acceptable

Under no circumstances can side closures be installed on pitches with tents, gazebos or other fixed material.
All the structures must be removed following an order from the Management and in any case simultaneously with the termination of the stay, otherwise the

Management will have the right to proceed with the forced removal at the expense of the Customer.

Art. 13 – Lost property

Objects found within the Agricamping must be returned to the Management for compliance with the law.

Art. 14 – Liability and insurance

It is advisable to pay attention to personal effects and to take the necessary precautions, money and valuables should not be left unattended inside the caravans, tents.

Furthermore, the Management is not liable for:
– Any theft of valuable objects and valuables;
– Damage caused by other guests, by force majeure, by natural disasters, by insects, by diseases and epidemics also of plants or by other causes not dependent on the negligence of the staff of the Agricamping.

Customers are advised to take out insurance in advance for both the structures and the equipment and for the risks of Agricampeggio. It is also good practice to have a fire extinguisher suitable for the equipment used.

Art. 15 – Various prohibitions

It is forbidden to:
– Throw urban waste outside the special containers and leave special and hazardous waste in the Agricamping area.
– Dig holes or channels in the ground and modify the boundaries of the pitches.
– Light fires.
– Damage the vegetation and equipment of the Agricamping.
– Smear or remove the signs.
– Pour or disperse oils, fuels, boiling, salty or waste liquids on the ground.
– Wash cars, other vehicles, tarpaulins and objects of any type that require the use of chemical products.
– Wash dishes and linen outside the special sinks.
– Wash or wash at the fountains located in the outdoor area along the avenue.
– Wasting and using water improperly.
– Use electricity beyond the established amount and connect to more than one socket per pitch.
– Lay fences, tie and anchor anything to the plants, pull ropes at eye level and install anything else that could constitute a potential danger or hinder free passage. The works not authorized by the Management will be removed by the staff of the Agricamping.
– Driving with motor vehicles or bicycles at speeds higher than “walking pace”.
– Create flooring on the pitch (with the exception of the use of small wooden mats and bases, which are easy to remove and in any case always inside the pitch); unauthorized flooring will be removed by the staff of the Agricamping.
– Unloading toilets containing formaldehyde inside the Agricamping.
– Display any commercial notice on the pitch.
– Accumulate water using external containers additional to those supplied to the means of accommodation (caravans or campers), especially if dimensions are unsuitable for normal use.
– Use of wood or charcoal barbecues inside the pitches.
– Walk barefoot.
– Introduce any type of firearm, compressed air, slingshots or crossbows.

Art. 16 – Damages, thefts, accidents

The management is not responsible for any damage to property or accidents suffered by customers due to their own or third parties, declines all responsibility for theft, fire, damage to things and people, as well as not responsible for damage caused by storms, hailstorms, falling trees. , branches, diseases, including those of plants, accident epidemics, force majeure, etc.
As for campers, caravans and mobile homes owned by Users, according to law, they must be provided with “static risk” insurance coverage to be proven on request. They must also have a “fire risk” and “neighborly appeal” insurance policy.

It is advisable to pay attention to personal items and to take the necessary precautions. Money and valuables should not be left unattended in bungalows, tents, caravans. Money must always be kept with you, possibly divided
among the members of the family. It is advisable not to leave valuables such as cameras, camcorders, etc. in cars. especially during the night. The Management declines all responsibility for theft, loss, loss, damage caused by force majeure, calamity, disorder, etc.

Art. 17 – Visitors

Entry to non-campers is prohibited. The entry of any friends or relatives of the Users must be authorized by the Management upon delivery of an identification document and payment of the expected rate, if “the Visitor” exceeds two hours of stay at the Campsite.

Art. 18 – Interruption of services

Any interruption of electricity, LPG and gas in general, the supply of water and hot water, or any other camping service due to breakdowns or force majeure, does not commit the Management to compensation for damages or reimbursements of any kind.

Art. 19 – Expulsion, removal, interruption

– The management reserves the right to expel those who, in its opinion, infringe the regulation or, in any case, disturb the harmony and spirit of the accommodation, damage the good course of community life and the interests of the accommodation complex;
– Customers already expelled will not be able to access the campsite again without a new specific authorization from the management.
– The stay is considered interrupted by law for events of force majeure or by order of the authorities or for any need for structural changes. In such cases, the camper will be entitled to reimbursement of the fees already paid relating to the unused period of camping with the exclusion of any other compensation.

Any changes to the regulation will be communicated with a notice on the bulletin board and will have immediate validity.


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